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These updates were posted by Rebecca Cooper, Director of Community for Sojo Studios.

March 28, 2012


Messages are not being deleted. They are just not being displayed properly. It is currently recommended to use Chrome or Firefox until this FACEBOOK issue is fixed. This issue is affecting other games and this is NOT a WeTopia specific problem.

See below for more information:

Info from Meet & Greet member Rhonda V S:
For all you guys having gifting/requests issues tonight, this is not a WeTopia issue, this is a FB issue. I was told by an engineer/developer from another game yesterday that FB would be redoing how they do the game requests and apparently he didn't lie to me because it started messing up this afternoon. I play several games and they are all experiencing the exact same problems. Hang in there, hopefully they'll get them resolved soon!

Follow up from Rebecca Cooper:
Hey everyone - it appears that Facebook broke their own request API. Using Chrome or Firefox is your best bet. I can't see or send messages on IE, but Chrome and Firefox I can see/accept them. on all browsers sending only happens intermittently.

What is API? Application program interfacing. Simply put, Facebook and third party apps are not interacting well due to a recent Facebook update for game requests.

March 5, 2012

ALERT Rebecca Cooper (Official Rep) 7 minutes ago

Lost progress/Locked game Report Form

Please fill out the form below if you experienced either lost progress or a locked game in the last two database crashes and wish to have your game restored. We do apologize for the situation with the unplanned server crashes - it is incredibly unfortunate that our web host managed to have this happen to us on consecutive weekends, and we are taking steps to move WeTopia away from this web host as we speak.

PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER: We are not certain we can get your individual game fixed. Filling out this form does not guarantee individual restoration will be possible. This will help us investigate the problem and determine whether your individual game can be restored from backup.

Any restoration of games that is possible could take up to a week to complete, so please only fill out this form if you're willing to continue to wait to play WeTopia until we can get these individual games that are still having problems looked at.

Last, if you are not willing to wait and you spent Facebook Credits in the game, you can go to "Report/Contact This App" link underneath the WeTopia game and use the prompts to dispute purchases. We will refund these promptly. We have no way to restore any lost in-game free items such as Goodwill, Energy, Goods, or Joy, or items purchased with Goodwill - only purchases made with Facebook Credits. If you are concerned about Goodwill/Joy/Energy/Goods etc. that your game has accrued in the past week, it may be better to fill out the form and wait to see whether we can successfully restore your game.
Link to form:

March 4, 2012

About Game Being Back Up

UPDATE 11:35am EST: The game is up for most users! Some games may not be fully restored at this time; we are still in the process of restoring all games. We are aware some of you will log in and see your game as it was a few days ago. We are still in the process of restoring games from backup. For those of you who lost progress/levels, please be patient - your game should return within 24 hours.

UPDATE 11:48am EST: Many users are reporting a very long first-load time after this outage. Just let the game load - once it actually is completely loaded, it seems to play fine. Be sure to report here if that is not the case.

About Lost Progress or Items

Rebecca Cooper (Official Rep) 15 minutes ago

As we indicated here: https://getsatisfaction.com/wetopia/t... we are still restoring games from backup. Yours may be one of these. I'd check back later and see. If there ends up being a problem after 24 hours, we will have a form for you to fill out so that we can check your game individually.

UPDATE 8:15am EST: The game is being restored from backup to the new array of servers. No ETA on when the game will be operational. I'll update when I know more.


March 3, 2012

UPDATE 10:45pm EST: We keep running into unexpected issues and we are moving the ETA for bringing up the game SAFELY to 3/4. The next update will be in the AM hours 3/4. Thanks for hanging in and being patient - we hope to have you Playing for Good tomorrow

WeTopia is doing unscheduled maintenance following some issues with our web host. We'll post status updates here.
UPDATE 11:25am EST: This process is likely to take several hours. I will post updates as I have t
hem. We do not have an ETA yet on when the game can safely be brought back up.
UPDATE 12:25pm EST: We're running a complete system backup and then adding new servers. Then we will rebalance the game over the new servers and bring it back up. No ETA yet. Thanks for your patience!

March 2, 2012
Rebecca Cooper
Hi folks: Due to some serious problems with a few of the games with the most neighbors (you all know who you are), we have put in a new visit-limit. Here is how it works:

1. As a player, you can visit and help as many of your friends as possible.

2. When you go into your own game, you will only see the last 20 people who visited and helped in your game.

3. This resets when you log out. 20 more people can come and help. It may be that 100 people come and help, but you will only see the last 20, no matter what.

4. If you go into and out of your game multiple times, then you'll always leave the way clear for your neighbors to visit. If you leave it open all day, well - you may miss out on some neighbors' help.

5. But I will reiterate - your visiting neighbor gets the bonuses and gw/goods/joy from collecting from your world. You just may not receive the help if they were #21 and above.

6. This was done because too many high-level players with many friends were reporting freezing and games being locked up, and generally it had to do with too many neighbor visits causing too much drag on the servers.

We hope this will help some of you with slowness upon entering the game. I know this might be slightly unpopular, but it was definitely necessary given the patterns we were seeing.

Other bug fixes: FBC credit houses were incorrectly not giving Joy, this has been fixed. Parka Mountain now takes 1 energy to collect from, and also gives 1 XP. Those of you who "accidentally" moved your theater, giving tree, etc. to the "WeTopia Triangle" were having major problems with your game - those should hopefully be fixed now. Let me know if you have questions.

March 1, 2012

Hi everyone - check your WeTopia for new quests, market items, crops, and more! There is also one new expansion to unlock to help you with your quests. Baseball Spring Training is in the air for WeTopians! Thanks for Playing for Good!
February 26, 2012

Scheduled Maintenance 4am EST/1am PST 2/27/2012

WeTopia will be down for scheduled maintenance Monday, 2/27/2012 at 4am EST. This scheduled downtime is to create a full system backup and is not expected to last for more than two hours. If there is any change to that schedule, we will communicate it here.

REMINDER ABOUT CROPS: Crops that take 1 hour or less to grow DO NOT WITHER. Crops that take 1 day take 3 days from planting to wither. Crops that take 2 days take 4 days from planting to wither. Plant accordingly. https://getsatisfaction.com/wetopia/topics/scheduled_maintenance_4am_est_1am_pst_2_27_2012

February 25, 2012

UPDATE 12:50PM EST 2/25: We are aware that some games are still experiencing the time-shift to several days ago or a complete block (the "click to refresh" screen). We are working to restore these games, but we do not have an ETA yet on how long that will take, especially since this is a weekend and our team has not had much rest the last few days. Those of you who experienced a loss of progress can play your game now, but be advised that if we are able to restore your previous game we will be doing that, and your current game will NOT be saved. Those of you with "Click to Refresh" screen coming up that cannot get into the game have a similar issue and if we are able to restore your games from backup it should resolve the problem as well. We will have more information about this on Monday. Thanks for your patience as all the issues from the crash are resolved - we appreciate you!https://getsatisfaction.com/wetopia/topics/wetopia_down_for_maintenance

February 13, 2012

Regarding Expansions *News Alert* WeTopians: we heard you loud and clear, and you will find that the next expansion that you purchase will have a more reasonable goodwill cost. Go off and fill up your WeTopias with Joy!

February 12, 2012
Rebecca Cooper
We think the losing Joy/Energy/Goodwill bug is related to hitting your neighbor limit for visits. Until we get it fixed, it might be good to stay below your limit and see if that improves things.

From the official WeTopia Facebook page regarding cost of expansions:

Loyal fans: we're listening to your feedback regarding expansion costs.
Also, the bugs that people are reporting are being worked on as we speak. Stay tuned.

February 8, 2012

Planned Downtime Midnight EST 2/8/2012

WeTopia will be down for planned maintenance at midnight Eastern Standard Time tonight (2/8/2012). During this time, you will see a maintenance page when attempting to access WeTopia. Please plan accordingly! Thank you!

UPDATE: Planned downtime did not start until approximately 4am. We should be back up this morning. I will post an update when I have one. Thank you!

UPDATE: We were up for a couple of minutes at approx. 10:30 EST for a quick test. This was not the version of the game that you'll see later. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE 11:47am EST: Backing up the databases for the game is taking longer than expected. No ETA yet on when game will be back up, but I will post here when there is an update. Thanks!

UPDATE 2:50pm EST: I don't really have an update, but I just wanted everyone to know that we are working hard to get this right. More (good) news soon I hope!

UPDATE 4:50 EST: As many of you know, there had been many "lost connection" problems and situations where players' Joy/Goodwill/Energy counts had been adversely affected. This is the situation that the planned downtime was intended to repair. When we finally brought the game down at 4 this morning, some of the problems were larger then anticipated. The decision was made to keep the game down as long as it takes to repair the issues properly. I still do not have an ETA on when the game will be up. I know it's been frustrating for you guys! Thank you again for your patience and good humor during this process.

UPDATE 6:40pm EST: There is a chance that the game will be down through the evening. I will update again when I have more concrete information. I will be monitoring the situation throughout the evening. Again, we apologize for the downtime - we are just as anxious to have WeTopia fixed and up as you are!


February 8, 2012
From Rebecca Cooper:
There seem to be a bunch of rumors flying around that we'll be down for a day. We just got started late - the plan for midnight got delayed till 4am. We should be back up this morning barring any unforeseen issues.
February 7, 2012


Planned Downtime Midnight EST 2/8/2012getsatisfaction.comWeTopia will be down for planned maintenance at midnight Eastern Standard Time tonight (2/8/2012). During this time, you will see a maintenance page when attempting to access WeTopia. Please plan accordingly! Thank you!

February 7, 2012

Losing Joy/Energy - Lost Connections - Expansions - Valentine's Day

Hi everyone,

We know about the lost connection/lost Joy/lost energy/lost goodwill issues. We are working to fix this bug. There's no need to report it again - hopefully it will be resolved soon.

New expansions are coming this week, as well as Valentine's Day content.

Thanks again for your patience as we work through the bugs in our beta release.

January 31, 2012

Not from Rebecca Cooper however here is the updated links for:

WeTopia Official Facebook Page

WeTopia Support Page

From Rebecca Cooper

Visiting Neighbors - now tied to Joy Level

We have implemented a system to tie the # of neighbors that you can visit and collect bonuses from per 24 hours to your Joy Level. You can visit and help as many neighbors each day as you like, but after you visit the # of neighbors that matches your Joy Level, you will reach the limit to receive the helping "bonus". (You still get the joy/goodwill/goods from helping in your neighbor's world - just not the popup at the end giving you the bonus). People with Joy levels 1-8 will have a cap of 8.

Example: I am at Joy Level 32. I can visit 32 neighbors and get the bonus. At neighbor #33, I collect from 5 Joygrounds and would get 25 Joy, but then I would get a popup telling me I have maxed out my bonuses for the day. The help will still appear in your neighbor's world.

There were also several bug fixes in today's release.

We will soon be increasing the top limit of Joy Levels and will also be putting in a new daily bonus system, where if you visit WeTopia every day, you will get increasing rewards including energy! Expansions are coming VERY soon, but I still do not have an exact date. Thanks again for your patience with our beta period and for playing WeTopia and helping kids! Have you seen lately the "Real Impact" tab in the game to see how many liters of water, meals, shoes, and bricks that you have sent in your joy balloons? Go check it out :)

Rebecca Cooper
Hi everyone. I have some news to share with this group (and it's not something you'll love, sorry, but I wanted you to know first). We are implementing a Cityville-style cap to # of neighbors that you can visit and collect bonuses from per 24 hours. This is basically copied right from how Cityville does it, except we are tying this to Joy level rather than XP level. You can visit and help as many neighbors each day as you like, but after you visit the # of neighbors that matches your Joy Level, you will not receive the energy/joy/goodwill bonus. (You still get the joy/goodwill/goods from helping in your neighbor's world - just not the popup at the end giving you the bonus). People with Joy levels 1-8 will have a cap of 8.

Example: I am at Joy Level 32. I can visit 32 neighbors and get the bonus. At neighbor #33, I collect from 5 Joygrounds and would get 25 Joy, but then I would get a popup telling me I have maxed out my bonuses for the day. The help will still appear in your neighbor's world.

It is likely that this will go into the game later today, along with a bunch of bug fixes. Questions? Comments?

January 24, 2012

"Ask Friends" Viral Quests, Energy Changes

You can now send requests directly to your friends in game, rather than posting to your Facebook Wall, for the items needed in "Ask Friends" viral quests. Also, we've changed the settings on gifts so that you can only send/receive gifts from individual friends once 24 hours, just like you can only visit friends once per 24 hours.

Thanks everyone for playing for GOOD!

January 20, 2012

Bug fixes

Hi everyone, these bugs were fixed today:

-Fix for viral quests not completing immediately when you have all requirements.
-Tutorial fix for those who lost connection during the building of the bungalow or joyground and fix to stop the lost connection during tutorial from happening.
-Fixes for subclouds ("Click to Clear" text to make it more obvious what needs to be done, clouds showing up on top of objects, better selection of clouds, make subclouds fade out)
-Audio fixes to turn off sound when you're playing videos
-Changed 'selling' items to 'removing' items
-All decor items are now removable, and you will receive goodwill when you sell.

Next week the viral quests (posts to the wall) will have the option to send requests directly to your friends through the game much as you might a gift or a staffing request, so if you're having trouble with these quests, hold on till next week to work on them. There will be a few more bug fixes then as well.

Expansions are coming very soon, but I don't have an ETA. Hopefully the fact that all decorations can be removed will help ease the overcrowding. Have fun and thank you for playing WeTopia!

January 15, 2012

Martin Luther King Day Weekend/Known Issues

Hey everyone!

I'm taking much needed time with my kids to have Christmas (since I was at work all of Christmas holiday with this game) Since it's the MLK holiday, you might not get responses to questions until Tuesday. Jared and Steve will look in for anything truly urgent, or you can email me directly at wetopia@sojostudios.com.

Most of the time our weekend/evening response is slow - we work 10a to 8p Eastern Time on weekdays and as we can on weekends. We do our best to respond as much as possible during those times.

Our super-friend Debbie suggested that I post issues that we know about and are working on, so that you'll know that you don't need to report them:

1. People playing on the same computer that see each other's games. Just clear cache/cookies or use a different browser in the meantime.

2. Energy problems that people are reporting. We will look into this after the holiday. Meanwhile, a good practice is to only accept/acquire enough energy that you will be using it during that session - the gifts stay in your queue forever and you can't lose them until you use them.

3. "I lost Goodwill" "I lost Joy" "I lost energy" after an oops message. Usually the server has gotten out of sync with your game after a dropped connection and the timeout message takes a bit to popup. We have no way of replacing these items, but please know that we're working to reduce this issue.

4. "I can't complete X quest". We have a list but there is no one to fix these things over a holiday. We will try to get to this next week.

5. "I lost Facebook credits". Please email me at wetopia@sojostudios.com with your Facebook ID (your homepage is fine) and the amount of credits you lost or your receipt.

6. "I can't complete my tutorial" This is on our fix list.

7. "I see an exclamation mark that wasn't there before!" Click on the Clorox billboard and watch the video - you get great rewards!

8. "I can't see/gift/get gifts/accept neighbor requests from all my friends" - Yep, we're working on this too :)

Back to Christmas/Martin Luther King holiday - thanks SO much for your patience everyone!

January 7, 2012

Oops Message - Update 2

Could those of you who are having the frozen game/oops issue give it another try, and let me know how it's working for you?

January 6, 2012

Oops Message - Update

We are aware the "oops" message is still happening for some players. The reason many of you are now seeing a frozen game is that playing around the "oops" message using a workaround was potentially breaking your games worse. We will let you know when we believe we have a fix in, so that you can help us test to see if we have finally found this pesky bug. Thanks for your patience in this process!

December 30, 2011

Bugs, Refunds, and New Year's Holiday

Hello everyone,

We are aware of these bugs:

1. Persistent oops message/unable to give Joy;
2. Some added friends do not appear. Cannot gift or help them
3. Joyground glitch in tutorial (easy fix for now: delete all Joygrounds that match the one that you cannot finish)
4. Unable to get into game
5. Seeing someone else's game on your computer when you share with someone else (easy fix: use a different browser or clear cache/cookies)
6. Blinking/disappearing farm plots and buildings

Our priority will be to get all of these fixed during the week after New Year's. We know that these are very frustrating bugs and appreciate very much you reporting them and continuing to play and support each other and the projects even though it hasn't been the easiest to do so! Most of our staff will be taking the New Year's holiday off, however, so while it's fine to continue to report problems, please be aware that you may not receive a response to your question until next week.

If you need to request Facebook Credits refunds for items not received in your world after purchase, email me at wetopia@sojostudios.com. Allow up to 3 days for the credits to be refunded to your Facebook Credits account. Please include the transaction numbers and amounts of credits for each problem purchase (you can find a listing of these if you go to your Facebook Account Settings>Payments>Purchase History. Also include your FACEBOOK HOMEPAGE LINK (very important) so I know who you are - click on YOUR NAME at the top of Facebook and copy the link there to send. Mine, for example, is http://www.facebook.com/ardentmuse. Some people have an ID number instead of a short name. Either way it will work :)

Happy New Year to all!

December 27, 2011

Downtime and Status Updates

Check here before reporting problems: http://www.facebook.com/apps/applicat... - chances are you'll get all the info you need :)

Updates via the WeTopia Meet & Greet Fan Club

These answers and updates were provided by Rebecca Cooper, Director of Community of Sojo Studios.

January 30, 2012
Fix for Internet Explorer users
Hi, was anyone in this group having a problem loading WeTopia on IE? If so, can you try it again and see if it works now?

January 27, 2012

Regarding how many people you can send energy gifts to per day:
Rebecca Cooper there's no restriction other than Facebook's restriction that you can only gift 50 at a time.

Regarding Plans for more expansions:
Rebecca Cooper Well, they did an analysis and found that very few of our players have actually bought all available expansions and filled them up, so we are trying to be very careful about how we release them and how specifically they should be priced/leveled/etc. I do not have information yet on when they will be released. - but you'll know when I know, I promise.

January 26, 2012

From: Lisa F
Someone posted this in another group and I thought it might be helpful here. Sorry if it's already been posted, I didn't see it: Here is an e-mail I received from, Yeny Espino C. 2:07pm Jan 24 THIS MAY EXPLAIN WHY YOUR NEIGHBORS AND YOU HAVE NOTHING TO COLLECT, OR TO COLLECT FROM. PLEASE READ, PLEASE READ, PLEASE READ, PLEASE READ, PLEASE READ. Wetopians: I don't know if you know this, but when you go to your town and work, after you leave, your neighbors see your place the way you left it, meaning, that they can only help you collect, harvest, etc. the items that had the happy face on top when you left your town. All the houses, stores, parks, etc., that don't have the happy face on top, that aren't ready to collect when you leave your town, will not appear ready to your neighbors even if after some hours or minutes your items are ready (loaded). So you can think: ok, in 4, 8, 12 hours my crops, houses, parks, etc. will be ready to collect, so when my neighbors come to visit they could help me, well, is not like that. Your neighbors could only help you collect the items that had the happy face on top when you left your game, so if you leave your game and none of your items had the happy face on top, your neighbors will not be able to help you no matter how many hours go by, because they will see your items empty, no happy faces on top, they could only help you collect until you go back to your town again, it's like an activating thing when you go to your Wetopia, so if you leave your place with a lot of happy faces on, that's what your neighbors will see and will be able to help, but if you have no happy faces on when you leave your game, your neighbors will see it like that (empty), and could not help. And I can tell you this is true, because I figure it out, using my daughters' Wetopia. Sometimes they ask me to work in their places, because they didn't have time because of their homeworks, so when I went to their Wetopias to help them I discovered this. So remember to leave your Wetopia towns with a lot of happy faces on, so your neighbors can really help you.

Rebecca Cooper's Reply
The email above is *mostly* accurate. The more you leave for people to do, the more opportunities people have to help so you will get less overlapping help. However. If you have the game open for long periods of time, people may come in and help while you're actually working in there, and you'll never know it. when you come back later, their help gets mingled in with help from when the game was closed. So, that's why you might see a bunch of people stacked on top of each other - for example, you maybe only had some shops available while you were clearing other stuff. The moral of the story seems to be that once you use your energy, close your game up quick!

Now, I pointed out that often I plant crops, which are only STARTING to grow and then come back the next morning when they're mature to find that my crops were helped somehow. This is attributed to someone helping with mature crops I'd had on those plots before while I had my game open. Had I refreshed before I harvested/planted new crops, I would have seen that help.

Oh, so I meant to say, in summary: the game does not advance for your friends' perspective while you're away. It stays in the exact same state you left it. When you open it is when the time you've been away is calculated and applied to the game.

sounds like people are all coming and helping in the same place. i know that what I do is leave shops in a couple of different quadrants of the game supplied, so that people have to pan around and find them. I clear out the middle.

JANUARY 24 2012 - Hey guys! I have a question! What types of connections to the Internet do you all have? Since we were talking about the lost connection for people on AT&T in the midwest yesterday, it occurred to us to see how people are playing our game. Also, could you post a comment telling me where you are located? Thank you in advance.*In group please respond to Rebecca's enquiry.

JANUARY 20 2012 -Hi Guys - Just so you know you can sell decorations now.

JANUARY 20 2012-
http://getsatisfaction.com/wetopia/topics/bug_fixes-eusb4 - just so you guys are in the know

JANUARY 19 2012-
Member: Are expansion coming soon?
Rebecca: Not yet.

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