Frequently Asked Questions from the Members of WeTopia Meet & Greet Fan Club

Q: I'm having issues sending or receiving messages.
A: Some people are able to fix this problem if they delete the requests out of and start over. Give that a try?

Q: My messages appear to be gone. Where are they?
A: Check Are they still there? Click from there to load the game. If they're not there, facebook ate them.

Q: What time does the game reset for helping others?
A: You can help neighbors once every 24-hour period. The reset time appears to be around 7pm EST or 8pm EDT.

Q: How often does the Hot Meal Tree put out a hot meal?
A: Just once.

Q: When you give joy, are you supposed to be receiving 1 energy per 100 joy that you send?
A: Yes, 1 energy per 100 joy. But 1000 joy is the limit on the energy reward. So only send 1000 max each time.

Q: Can someone tell me which crops do not wither?
A: Anything with an hour or less grow time: onions, carrots, eggplant, coneflower, etc. Everything else withers in twice the time it takes to grow.

Q: If I have neighbors that are not playing, how do i remove them? Do I remove them from my facebook friends list. I only became friends because of the game so I have no problem with removing them.
A: At this point they can't be removed. You can unfriend so you don't send them gifts, etc.

Q: When it gives me the option to "share joy" I know it will post on everyone's feeds. But is there any benefit to doing it? Cause if there's not, I won't bother everyone with one more post!
A: Your friends can collect 10 joy with a level update and 30 joy for a quest completion. Keep those posts coming ;)

Q: Hmmmm, can only have max. of 100 pending requests? This number doesn't seem to be changing....
A: I think you asked where can you see how many pending requests you have because the Apps and Games only goes up to 100. The WeTopia game icon only show 99+ and then in-game, you can only see 50 messages at a time. I noticed that (in some browsers) notifications will tell you the total when someone sends you a request. Mine says 256 requests.... So I'm guessing this is the accurate total. [another editor:] In my browser, there's a row of small icons on the upper right of the screen (not in the game-playing area, but over the advertising). When I hover (or click?) on the right-most one, there's a drop-down with the number of pending messages for several apps. I've currently got over 700 for WeTopia.

Q: How do I move the clouds out of my way?
A: You have to click on the cloud; it will cost 1 energy to remove.

Q: How do you invite neighbors that aren't your friends?
A: You cannot invite people to be neighbors until they are friends with you on Facebook. Then after that, you click "add friends" next to Abe the Parrot at the bottom of your game screen. You will also see neighbor invites from your Wetopia friends under the Messages tab under "Neighbor Invites".
To ask members of the WeTopia Meet and Greet group to add you as a Facebook friend, use the Neighbor Request thread. Single "add me" posts will be buried quickly due to high member post activity; however, the "Neighbor Request" thread is refreshed constantly by the admins of that group so your "add me" will not get lost in the shuffle :) You may also send friend then neighbor requests to anyone that has posted an "add me".

Q: Crashing big time this a.m. Keep having to reload game all the time! No matter what I'm doing on there. A lil help plz? Thanks!
A: Try clearing your cache and then restarting the game.

Q: If someone helps me, say, with my crops, do I get the same number of credits as if I were to click on it myself? When I help others, I get 10 goods for each crop I help them with ... so if a crop would give me 80 if I harvest it, then when someone helps do I get that same amount?
A: You get the same amount whether you harvest your own crop, or someone helps you harvest it. Same for help with homes, shops and Joygrounds—you get the same amount either way.

Q: Is there a way to get extra joy? How about energy... other than from others sending gifts. I know u get extra energy every time u give joy & also for watching the video on the billboard, but how often does the billboard change videos? ...
A: Some other ways to earn joy besides collecting from your own joygrounds and completing quests, is visiting your neighbors. You can collect from your neighbor's joyground, 5 joy each. Also, if you can complete 5 tasks for your neighbor (up to an experience-level based maximum), you will earn joy, goodwill and energy :)
Also, you can earn joy from your fellow WeTopia neighbors' game posts. When they level up, they can post a game post. Click on it and receive 10 joy. When they complete a quest, click on it and receive 30 joy!

Q: When you are helping someone, does it matter what things you help with? Do certain things pay more, and if so is that taking from the person you're helping? I haven't been able to figure it out and I want to maximize my benefit, as long as it's not hurting the other person. Does that make sense?
A: When you help a neighbor they get the full value of what you helped with, without using their energy. You get 5 joy for helping on a joyground,10 goods for harvesting a crop, 50 goodwill for a shop and 25 goodwill for homes.
For an Joy-Level-based limit number of neighbors, if you help with 5 items (the maximum you can help in a day), you receive a bonus 1 energy, 100 goodwill, and 5 joy. Players at Joy Levels 1-8 can get bonuses for helping up to 8 neighbors; at higher levels, players get bonuses for helping up to their Joy-level number of neighbors (e.g. at level 37, you can collect 37 bonuses).

Q: How do I make a friend list of just WeTopia players?
A: Watch this video:

Q: How do I see all my WeTopia gaming posts?
A: Use this link:

Q: Why doesn't my neighbor have anything for me to do when I visit?
A: From Rebecca Cooper, Director of Community for Sojo Studios

The more you leave for people to do, the more opportunities people have to help so you will get less overlapping help. However. If you have the game open for long periods of time, people may come in and help while you're actually working in there, and you'll never know it. when you come back later, their help gets mingled in with help from when the game was closed. So, that's why you might see a bunch of people stacked on top of each other - for example, you maybe only had some shops available while you were clearing other stuff.

Now, I pointed out that often I plant crops, which are only STARTING to grow and then come back the next morning when they're mature to find that my crops were helped somehow. This is attributed to someone helping with mature crops I'd had on those plots before while I had my game open. Had I refreshed before I harvested/planted new crops, I would have seen that help.

Bottom line: leave at least 5 things ready to harvest or collect when you exit your game. I leave at least 5 Joygrounds, 5 crops, and 5 shops.

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