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This wiki is filled with information regarding gameplay, tips, updates and more! This Wiki was made possible by the members of the WeTopia Meet & Greet Fan Club, the largest Facebook group of WeTopia players, founded by Natalie T.

Special thanks to the members of WeTopia Meet & Greet goes out to:
Carissa H, Chris C, Chris S S, Dave M, Debbie T M, Donna D M, Jen S, Kathy K, Luciana L, Lynn I, Marge M, Maria A M (originator of the Game Information doc for the group), Michael I, Nat T, Tina W, Tracy N G, Wayne L and the many members who asked questions and answered questions for fellow members!

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About the Wiki
This wiki was created by players for players! This wiki will be updated constantly as the game developers continue to update the game during beta testing. What is beta testing? As beta testing player, you will provide valuable feedback on the game and help the developers resolve issues. During beta testing, many of WeTopia's worthy projects have already been 100% funded by your efforts! Visit the wiki often for the Latest News in WeTopia.

Latest News and Such

For the latest news from WeTopia, visit: https://www.facebook.com/WeTopiaOfficial

Table of Contents

About WeTopia
About WeTopia, A Visit to Sojo Studios with Rebecca Cooper
Sojo Updates
Updates from Sojo
Game Basics
The Top 7 Tabs, Lower Game Screen, Goal, Typical Game Session. A Dozen Tips for New WeTopia Players
How to Set Up
Joygrounds, Crops, Housing, Decorations, Expansions, Community Buildings, Moving Items, Removing Items and Selling Back, Inventory, Storage
Levels & Meters
Experience, Goodwill, Goods, Energy, Joy, Population
Market Items
Market Item Directory
Quest Guide
Adding Friends, Adding Neighbors, Visiting Neighbors, Accepting Help from Neighbors, Gaming Posts, How to Use Auto Collect Bonus
Shops to Goods Payout, Bulldozing - Sell Back Pricing Guide, Housing Tips, Tips on Being a Good Neighbor, Facebook Tips, FAQs, PC Tips, Facebook Credit Issues Facebook Credit Refunds Common Question, How does Joy Translate Into Funding Projects
Wetopia Player Community
Member Profiles, WeTopia Village Spotlights, Joy Millionaire's Club, Joyous Milestones
Old News & Such
Older News & Such

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*The WeTopia Wiki is a player-run wiki. The information contained in this wiki was created by members of the WeTopia Meet & Greet Fan Club but is accessible to all members of the WeTopia playing community. It is a pleasure to provide this resource to fellow WeTopia players. This wiki was created on January 28, 2012 and is continually updated.*